2003 – 2013 Award Winners

ETMP Award Recipients




2003          Planner of the Year               Greg Sherrill               

Supplier of the Year              Kim Paul, CMP           


2004          Planner of the Year               Robyn Gentile            

                  Supplier of the Year              Laney Shorter

                  Director’s Award                   Norma Cardwell


2005          Planner of the Year               Teresa Yearwood        

                  Supplier of the Year              Susan Eaton                

                  Director’s Award                   LaTonya Rudolph                


2006          Planner of the Year               Norma Cardwell

                  Supplier of the Year              Cindy Ogle

                  Director’s Award                   Portia McKee


2007          Planner of the Year               Angie Beach/Norma Cardwell

                  Director’s Award                  Deborah Redman


 2008          Planner of the Year               Beverly Erwin             

Supplier of the Year              Laney Shorter             

                  Director’s Award                   Susan Eaton


2009         Planner of the Year                Cynthia Bullock, CMP        

                  Supplier of the Year              Cindy Ogle                  

                  President’s Award                 Melanie Clifford         

                  Altitude Award                      Laney Shorter

                  Director’s Award                   Angela Campbell


2010          Planner of the Year                Norma Cardwell         

                  Supplier of the Year              Dottie Clabough         

                  President’s Award                 Nancy Monahan

                  Altitude Award                      Nancy Monahan

                  Director’s Award                   Cynthia Bullock, CMP


2011          Planner of the Year               Nancy Monahan         

                  Supplier of the Year              Ashley Jackson           

                  President’s Award                 Donna Thomas, CMP

                  Altitude Award                      Robin Jones       

                  Director’s Award                   Dottie Clabough/Tiarra Giles


2012          Planner of the Year               Nancy Monahan         

                 Supplier of the Year              Robin Jones                

                 President’s Award                 Grace Miller                

                   Altitude Award                    Grace Miller      

                Director’s Award                   Shelia Johnson


2013          Planner of the Year               Shelia Johnson            

                  Supplier of the Year              Rebecca Williams       

                  President’s Award                 Angela Quigley 

                  Altitude Award                      Robin Jones

                 Director’s Award                   Tiarra Giles/Bonnie Hall

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