Membership Application

To become a member, please fill out the ETMP Application Membership Application

Completed applications can be submitted in the following ways:


P.O. Box  52392

Knoxville TN  37950




ETMP Committee Descriptions



Responsible for planning, developing and implementation of programs and systems to increase the personal and professional development of the membership.  Developing program content and securing speakers for regular meetings and Educational Conferences.   Soliciting the proposals for regular meeting sites, special meetings, seminars, and workshops.


Membership Committee

Develop, promote and maintain a balanced membership among eligible individuals and organizations by helping to retain members and seeking new members.       


Budget and Finance and Fundraising Committee

Study, monitor, and make recommendations to the ETMP  Board on allocations,  expenditures, and maintenance of the financial resources of ETMP.  Assist in Budget development.  Help develop fundraising strategies and methods.

Communications Committee

Responsible for issuance of a Newsletter, develop a publicity, and oversee website development and content for ETMP.  Responsible for the regular communications and notifications to ETMP membership of regular meetings, seminars, workshops, and social functions.

Hospitality Committee

Responsible for managing  reservations, meet and greet members and guests, accept fees for regular meetings, seminars, workshops, and social functions.  Maintain membership nametags. 

Awards/Special Events Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing, an awards program giving recognition to ETMP members who have significantly contributed to the objective of ETMP.  Planning special events, selecting  sites, and presenting the special events program.

Special Projects Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing special projects that benefit ETMP and its members from time to time as determined by the ETMP Board.


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