August 2017 Monthly Meeting

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Magnetize-Mesmerize-Monetize! – 3 Magical Messaging Keys to Making Big Money Doing What You Love”

Presented by Sharon Hibbard

CEO and founder of Compelling Content Creation

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Hosted by Sonya Roy

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380 N. Peters Road, Knoxville, TN, 37922


10:00 a.m.           Board Meeting (All Members Welcome)

11:30 a.m.           Registration/Networking

12:00 p.m.           Lunch

12:30-1:30 p.m.  Magnetize-Mesmerize-Monetize! – 3 Magical

Messaging Keys to Making Big Money Doing What You Love”

Presented by: Sharon Hibbard, CEO and Message-to-Money Mentor of

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate professional, if you want to be more influential and make a greater impact through all forms of communication both online and off, this presentation is for you.

 We all have challenges by which we feel limited, and we have outcomes that we want that are waiting just on the other side of those challenges. Messaging – an enhanced form of communication –  is the bridge that leads you beyond your toughest struggles, challenges and limits, and delivers you to the outcomes you desire.

 If you can message it, you can move beyond it. If you can message it, you can achieve it.  Is the team you supervise not responding to direction? What gets you past that is messaging. Is the product or service you offer to the marketplace not landing? Messaging can help you get beyond that too.

 “The magic is in your message… and so is the money!”

Three learning goals for presentation (what will participants walk away with?)

  1. Learn how to create connection and build rapport with your audience, establish your authority and credibility, and elevate your audience’s level of trust in you, regardless of the media you select to deliver your message, by using the “essential elements of engagement.” 
  2.   Discover the critical keys to making your messages “magnetic,” and use the power of your message to lead, to motivate and inspire others, to facilitate change, to make more sales, to make a greater difference… and to overcome almost any obstacle to achieve your desired outcome.
  3. Understand how to infuse your message into the most appropriate media to reach your intended audience – whether that means conducting powerful presentations and talks, creating compelling copy and content for educating and marketing both online and off, or even simply using your messaging to become more influential in your networking and everyday conversations – both professional and personal!

Cost to Attend:

Planner Members                                    $ 15.00

First Time Planners                                No Charge

Supplier Members                                  $ 30.00

Supplier Non-Members                      $ 35.00

Speaker Bio

 Sharon Hibbard, known to her followers as “The Message-to-Money Mentor,” is the CEO and founder of Compelling Content Creation – a division of Shared I.D.E.A.S., LLC.

An expert in marketing communications, Sharon works with her clients – both in the corporate and entrepreneurial market – to identify their specific ideal client audience, and clarify their unique “magnetic message,” enabling them to confidently communicate what makes them different and best-qualified to provide their product or service.

Sharon’s clients learn to “MONETIZE” their message by infusing it into every aspect of their businesses – effective networking for connection and visibility, compelling copy and content that cuts through the noise in a crowded market, signature talks that sell, and personalized products, systems and packages – that empower them to establish their authority, position themselves as the “go-to” experts in their field and MAKE MONEY doing what they love to do.

With a diverse background in all things creative – teaching, marketing, advertising, copy-writing, interior design, franchise-ownership and more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience – the underlying theme of Sharon’s career path can be summarized in one phrase…putting her creative talents in service of those seeking greater influence, and make a massive and resonating impact with their lives and businesses.