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Jim Rikards

Jim Rickards, Area Director of Sales – Supplier

Hampton Inn & Suites Knoxville Papermill

601 N, Weisgarber Road

Knoxville, TN 37919

Birthday February 22

Phone   (865) 693-5400

Mobile  (865) 255-4986


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Sandra ShannonCropped2

Sandra Shannon, Promotional Advisor – Planner

Imprint Impressions Promotional Marketing

PO Box 150

Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Birthday – November 3

Cell: 865.919.4025


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May Monthly Meeting

Register for Tuesday, May 19, 2015

“Meeting Planners Transitioning Into A Millennial World”

Presented by Rich Benjamin ofRich Benjamin & Associates


Please Register ASAP, but no later than Friday, May 15 by replying to


Hosted by Jim Richards and Sponsored by the

Hampton Inn & Suites Knoxville Papermill

601 N, Weisgarber Road

Knoxville, TN 37919

Hampton Inn


10:00 a.m. Board Meeting (All Members Welcome)

11:30 a.m. Registration/Networking

12:00 Noon Lunch

12:15 – 1:15 p.m.   “Meeting Planners Transitioning Into A Millennial World”


Meeting Planners Transitioning Into A Millennial World In today’s ever competitive web environment, Meeting Planners & Companies are tasked more than ever to produce every ounce of income from every source possible. Companies spend, Hundreds of Thousands and even Millions of Dollars branding their products and services. Two words epitomize the age we are entering, Relevance & Connectivity. Young and old alike live and die by the new world order of mobile devices. We are never far from our office, job, our children or our friends. Mobile technology and sharing has changed how we communicate. Relevance & Connectivity. Relevance – Who am I, and what is my product to a consumer? Does my product or service suite the majority of the people that I am targeting? Consumers have many choices, to be found online you must anticipate and answer questions before they arise. Conscious planning of where to place content on a website is CRUCIAL. Connectivity –What are the demographics of my attendees? Do they require / demand to be connected via Wi-Fi? In an ever evolving digital landscape, Meeting Planners are tasked with not just supplying a facility and coordinating the event structure. You are responsible for digital entertainment & marketing. Meeting Planners, Relevance Connectivity & Experience Rich Benjamin – SEO Expert, Digital Strategist & Marketing Consultant Will shine the light on the questions you be addressing when targeting prospective meetings, meeting planners and their attendees. Millennial tends, and how to target keywords that will get you web traffic. The Take Away Points of Discussion Will Be…

  • Relevance – Concern yourself with listening to clients first, then speak to them in terms they understand
  • Connectivity – Social Media is Digital Word of Mouth Endorsement.
  • Millennials – Millennials are the largest generation in American history at, 80 million strong
  • Tide or Tourism – Change in travel trends signify a change in conventional “ESTSBLISHED” consumer trends.
  • How to Target Keywords – Consumers are asking questions with “Search Queries” Answer those questions and win those buyers, and convert them into life long clients.
  • Be Analytical – Measure – Measure – Measure, as trends change you as a professional must keep a finger on the pulse of change. Google Analytics are a very reliable and manageable resource. Rich Benjamin & Associates ~ 1002 Boardly Hills Blvd. Sevierville, TN 37876 ~ (865) 242-1700 ~ ~



Rich Benjamin


Dynamic and engaging speaker Rich Benjamin is a recognized Internet Marketing expert in the field of Tourism Trends in the Travel Industry thanks to his 15 years of practical work experience in Area Sales, Group Sales, and Market Planning. It was while working in Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede’s marketing department several years ago that Rich began to discern a noticeable shift in print materials being requested by consumers. The roles were clearly reversing; no longer was the consumer blindly listening to what the marketer chose to put out.

Unlike many others at the time, Rich welcomed the Internet and became an early embracer of digital communication, blogging, and social media marketing. His efforts and successes in these areas were not only noticed, but began to be solicited by other companies. Rich’s natural teaching and networking skills began to combine with his sincere desire to help others succeed; which gradually allowed him to discover his real niche (affinity?) in life; and Rich Benjamin & Associates was born. Now through speaking and teaching engagements Rich spends his time showing others the ins and outs of new ways to think about the ever changing ways of doing business. Rich’s Trending Topics

oGoogle Analytics, Your Online P&L Statement – How do you know what is and isn’t working regarding online marketing if you don’t understand Google analytics? Learn the value of online marketing and the tractability of each referral market by source. Never before have marketers and managers been able to valuate marketing efforts so precisely. Rich’s marketing mantra – “If it doesn’t pay, it doesn’t stay!”

oMillennial Shift – Learn about the “ Millennial Shift” new rules for a new generation, the millennial generation, the 18-34 year olds. Currently, they are 80 million strong, make up 25% of the US population, are responsible for 1.3 trillion dollars in direct buying power, and represent a whole new ball game in marketing. Why? Because they are digital natives; people born into the world of technology. .

oThe Social Media & Website Sales Team – Learn the value of a united digital effort between your web master and social media expert. These two must work together with a coordinated effort – not rush off on their own tangents! If Content is King, Context is Queen, working together they reign supreme.

oPlan the Work & Work The Plan – Learn how today’s digital marketing environment demands that businesses formulate a plan of action. Building the foundation for any business plan is crucial; time is money, therefore time spent planning is an investment in your business future. Just showing up for work each day is NOT a plan!

oTime Management In A Digital World – Learn tricks and tactics for keeping up with work flow in a world filed with digital distractions. Productivity can easily suffer as employees and managers try to find the balance between Work life, Social Media & Scheduling, learn to unplug to focus and achieve results.

Rich’s Speaking Clients /Engagements Include Rich’s speaking clients include such associations and organizations as the Tennessee Governor’s Conference on Tourism, the Tennessee Association of Convention & Visitor Bureaus, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International – Mid-South Chapter, Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council, American Business Women Association, and many others. *2012 Rich was Awarded “Stars of the Industry Hospitality Educator of the Year” by the Tennessee Hospitality Association.*